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Your energy, your thoughts & actions are what dictate what comes to you next.

You can literally see your own future by simply examining the quality of your thoughts and actions today because they are the catalyst to what’s going to be created for you in fulfillment of those things tomorrow.

So if you're revisiting yesterday's thoughts about lack, fear, procrastination, or disappointment, then you will, by the spiritual law of return, experience the same quality of life today as you did yesterday.

If your life is not playing out in the way that you would like it to, and you would like to instead, experience a positive shift in your circumstances, an internal shift is the only way to get there.

By this I mean, you have to take your mind off of the things that you believe are going wrong in your life, and focus your attention, your energy on the things you want and the way you would want your life to go.

Do you know that’s the entire reason we were created with an imagination? It’s an image-maker so that when things aren’t looking too favorable on the outside, we can look within and create them through our imagination and bring those things that are unseen, to be seen!

Chew on that!

You have to decide what you really want from your life and start seeing yourself in a more productive way, one that's conducive to the life you want to create for yourself, and you will be led to demonstrate the action that’s required for the obtainment of those things.

For every negative thought you swap for a positive one, for every action you take towards your dreams, you will be amazed at how your outer circumstances begin to reflect that internal shift.

Just go within and start with your thoughts because thoughts precede and dictate any action we take.

It's how our entire world and everything in it was created.

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