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Group Coaching 101
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Are you ready to scale your business to six figures?

Having the ability to grow and the opportunity to serve more people is the most obvious reason for offering group coaching. When you just offer one-on-one sessions, the number of people you can take on at once is limited. However, by building a group coaching model, you can connect with dozens of people at the same time, which allows you to expand your business more quickly.


When we connect with a tribe of people with similar values and beliefs, -- amazing things can happen.

Being part of a tribe means you have access to different viewpoints, perspectives, opinions, and approaches to problems and challenges.

  • You'll be able to broaden your network of valuable contacts.

  • You have the opportunity to give and receive assistance and support.

  • You get to know what it's like to be a part of something bigger, something bigger than yourself...

And that's why coaching groups is such a powerful step for both new and experienced coaches.

A strong group coaching program acts as a container for both your clients and you, the coach, to witness exponential growth and momentum in your business and life.

There's an incredible energy and collective wisdom when doing group coaching that's different from 1:1 sessions, and it's this energy and wisdom that can rapidly get your clients to their goals while you establish an exceptional reputation for yourself as a coach.

Plus, coaching groups can generate massive payoff in terms of income... so everybody wins.


There Are 4 Key Benefits To Group Coaching


ability to grow

The opportunity to serve more people is the most obvious reason for offering group coaching. By offering  one-on-one sessions, the number of people you can take on at once is limited,  Meanwhile, if you build a group coaching model, you can work with dozens of people at the same time, allowing you to expand your business more quickly while also adding new components to the coaching experience. 

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more insights

With Group Coaching, You exposed yourself to more experiences from your clients when you work with numerous individuals at once. You may then use these diverse experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges they experience, alter your program accordingly, and deliver the most value to each new client you take on.


profits are higher

Every successful coach must consider their financial situation. And the truth is that if you can take on more coaching clients at once, you can significantly increase the amount of money you can make with a group coaching approach.

Group coaching is the catalyst to earning six figure and more!



Sense of community. Despite the fact that one-on-one coaching can be quite effective, it does have some disadvantages. Your clients, in particular, are unable to share their experiences with their peers or to observe how others are dealing with comparable issues. Meanwhile, group coaching allows people to join a community of people who are in a similar stage of life or profession, which can be a really meaningful experience in and of itself.

This Course is for you if you've ever dreamt of coaching groups and have been questioning how to establish a game-changing group coaching program that gets everyone talking - and wanting to sign up.

This course will teach you:

  • The benefits of group coaching & how it differs from 1:1 coaching

  • How to create a group coaching program

  • How to develop the framework to fit the program

  • How much to charge

  • How many people should attend

  • What resources will I need?

You also get:

6-Video Lessons + Customizable Group Coaching Template forms to jump start your business so that you won't put your valuable time towards non-profitable tasks!

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