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Group Coaching Registration

Access Your Inner Wisdom

If you’re here, it’s because you want to live a life that matters. You’re committed to making a difference. You’re ready to live in alignment with your values. You want to show up as your authentic self.


Group coaching sessions run for four consecutive weeks and will take place every week via Zoom. Once you fill out the registration form, I will notify you via email of the next session dates. Groups will consist of up to 10 people. Thank you for joining us for a life-changing experience! 

Registration $127


Here's what you get...

  • Mindest Coaching 

  • Passion to Purpose Coaching

  • Clarity Coaching

  • Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, and Grief Coaching.

You also get...

  • 4-Downloadable eBooks for all topics

  • 4-Downloadable Self-help eBooks

  • Printable worksheets to use for every session

  • Q & A

  • Access to group coaching Facebook group to interact and share progress and stories.

Reserve your seat




Thank you. Your seat has been reserved. Check your Inbox for further instructions.


So you’re eager to start the next chapter of your life but not sure where to start?

I’m here to share some good already have all the answers, they’re just buried behind your
fears, doubts, and excuses.


In other words, you’ve gotten good at believing the nonsense your mind makes up about you to keep you safe and on the hamster wheel of never being ready and never being enough!

You see, purpose is nothing more than living in the most authentic expression of who you are and taking aligned action from a place of truth...It’s a state of mind, a way of being. When you gain clarity about who you are and what you want,  your path will become clear

Purpose to Passion coaching is a 4-week group coaching program bringing together the most effective tools and strategies so you can not only take the next step on your path, but develop a mindset that's going to allow you to step into the power of authenticity and fulfillment, honor your gifts, and answer the call of your heart.

All you have to do is develop the faith and courage to do it, and thankfully, I am skilled at 



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