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My personal assessment of God...

I prefer to call the supreme psychic "God, it or all that is", because I make it a point not to objectify the nature of God into a pronoun of him or her. What I call God is the sum of all consciousness, and yet the whole is more than the sum of Its parts.(It) is not one individual, but a supreme consciousness, a master energy, a sum total of all there is.

For me, God is a psychic pyramid of interconnected, ever-expanding consciousness that generates worlds and individuals that are granted time, spiritual comprehension, intelligence, and eternal authority in a synchronized and instantaneous manner.

God's energy is so unbelievable, that it does indeed form all universes; and because its energy is within and behind all universes, fields and systems, it is indeed aware of each individual and sparrow that falls, for it is each individual and sparrow that falls!

In the beginning...All That Is” saw an infinity of probable, conscious individuals. These Probable individual selves found themselves alive within a God's dream and they demanded to be released into actuality. All That Is yearned to release them and sought within for the means to do so.

Finally, with love and longing, all that is let go of that portion of itself, and we were free. The psychic energy exploded in a flash of creation and we found ourselves created in the form of individualized consciousness made in the likeness of our creator.

God loves all that has been created down to the very least, for It realizes the dearness and uniqueness of each individual consciousness, which has been pulled from the depths of existence. It is glorious and joyful at each development taken by each individual, and It revels and takes joy in the slightest act of creativity."

All of us individuals intuitively remember our source, and now we dream of All That Is, who also once dreamt of us. And we carry a yearning toward that immense timeless source...and yearn to give it actuality through our own creations."

The connections between us and All That Is can never be severed, and the awareness is so delicate and focused that its attention is indeed directed with a prime creator's love to each individual consciousness.

We, as a consciousness, seek to know ourselves and become aware of ourselves as a distinct individual portion of our creator. We automatically draw on the overall energy of our source since our existence is entirely dependent upon it.

So it is not possible to fall away, or separate myself from my creator because a small portion of my creator is aware of itself as me, focused within my existence, entangled with my soul shadowing my every step.

This portion of All That Is looks out for my interests and can be called upon in a personal manner in both anger and love. All that is, may seem impersonal to us, but its energy forms our person.

I do not have to die to find God. All That Is, is-now; and I am a part of All That Is now. I am a spirit now. The avenues for development are open now.

In sleep, I explore environments that are not physical now, we all do. But not many people are willing to knock on that invisible door!

So no, I don't believe that my creator has created an incinerator to annihilate is own creation, for that would result in the annihilation of the creator...we are one!

Nor do I believe All That Is, is sitting on a throne, waiting for me the other side of a golden gate!

Nor do not believe that when I am dead, that will be the end of my life and responsibility.

I do believe however, that through traveling within myself, I will come to discover the unity of my consciousness with other consciousnesses in unity with the source of consciousness.

I intend to discover the multi-dimensional love and energy that give consciousness to all things.

This will not lead me to wanting to rest on the proverbial Blessed Bosom of all that is. Instead, I look forward to being inspired to take a better hand in the job of creation moving forward. And all the while, that feeling of divine presence that I will find indeed, and feel indeed, that I will sense it behind the dance of the molecules of my being and in my neighbors.

What so many people want is a God Who walks down the street and says, "Happy Sunday, I am I, follow Me. But the God I intuitively know and therefore seek, is hidden craftily in its creations so that God is what I am, and I am what God is; and in knowing me, I know God."

God is always more than All That Is, and is the sum that we cannot find--and for my definition of God, I therefore leave you with this: God is the sum that we cannot find, that resides within us, that is more than anything we can discover, that is Gods creations and yet more than that which is created, within Whom infinities rest."

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