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Adjust your Energy!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The only way to clear negative people from our personal space is to adjust our own energy and when we do so, negative people will simply fall away.

Our lives are affected by anything that has our attention, our it good, or bad.

So when I hear someone say, " I remove negative people from my life", I can easily discern that it comes from a place of judgement, fear & avoidance which in and of itself, is negative. And since we only get what we focus on, the energy we give is the energy receive! Therefore, making a conscious effort to remove certain people from our lives is useless because we only end up colliding with that same energy in someone else.

If you know someone who is in constant conflict with the people around them and everywhere they go, this is has a way of showing us who we are and we cannot escape it.

But don't think as a bad thing. The discomfort we feel with the people we are connected to is a reflection of what we have created for ourselves and serves as a nudge for us rise above it!

And the moment we begin to want more and to change some negative traits & characteristics about ourselves, a new environment with new people and new opportunities will begin to take shape and move you in that direction.

You will become closer to those who match that energy while those who do not, will simply fall away.

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